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UPrep Students Win Awards at Global Online Academy Catalyst Conference!

Four UPrep students participated in Global Online Academy's Catalyst Conference, and two won awards.

Anne Bingham, Global Online Academy Site Director

Global Online Academy, UPrep's online partner, held its fourth annual interactive conference April 25-29 to showcase multimedia student projects in response to the prompt, "How might I use what I've learned to spark change in my community?" More than 500 students, representing more than 70 schools in 12 countries, participated, including four University Prep students--Kenna Luebbers, Camille Neutz, Georgia Paterson, and Hanan Sherka. The presentations are the final projects for this semester's online classes, which ask them "to design research-based solutions for real-world issues."

During the conference, visitors to the online site give feedback and vote for award-winning projects. Today, GOA announced the winners, which included two UPrep students, senior Hanan Sherka and sophomore Georgia Paterson, who  took the online GOA Positive Psychology course this semester. Hanan and Georgia both won GOA Citation Awards for exemplary work in institutional change. Hanan was one of 10 students to receive the top award of the conference, the Catalyst for Change Prize. Her project focused on juvenile youth detention. According to the panelists, "Hanan effectively proposed a solution that people across the spectrum could well be on board with. Her solutions were succinct, relevant, targeted, and rooted in directly addressing a focused issue."

Check out all of the UPrep students' work--and other fascinating projects--on the conference site.

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