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UPrep TEDx Talks: Student Passions Shine Through

Here is a sampling from UPrep's TEDx talks--and a testament to our students' engagement and to how well they express their passions.

Lisa Kennedy, Associate Director of Communications

Last week, the Puma Talks Committee hosted our second annual TEDx Talks. Student organizers, led by seniors Malvika Wadhawan and Courtney Zell, and advised by History teacher Abigail Hundley, put together an impressive program including both student and faculty speakers. Here is a sampling of what was on the minds of three of the speakers--a testament to their engagement and to how well they express their passions.

Sophomore Henry Buscher has a strong interest in the history of warfare. In his talk, he examines this question: What does the future look like? "To answer this question," he says, "I have examined past conflicts, studied current events, and looked at the predictions of multiple reputable sources, with the aim of composing as complete an answer as possible, and today I will be presenting a part of my conclusions. There are three major trends I will be looking at: 1. The extension of the time it takes to fight most conflicts. 2. An increase in the number of proxy wars. 3. Most wars will become a lot deadlier and a lot bloodier in the actual fighting." To read the full text of his talk, click here.

Junior Ziah Daily reflects on her journey as an artist, a curator (already!), an activist, and a member of several youth advisory boards. "Although I will definitely continue with my own art, I'm now equally, if not more, committed to sharing my knowledge with the younger generations and curating art shows," she says. Her work in the Central District, with organizations like Coyote Central and the Northwest African American Museum, have convinced her that access to art and artistic expression, is particularly critical in communities of color. Read her full speech here.

Junior Adeeb Chowdhury, who is at UPrep this year as a foreign exchange student from Bangladesh, examines what it really means to be patriotic in today's world. He asks some hard questions, and challenges us to rethink some our beliefs. " I believe that modern day patriotism is misguided because it promotes unquestioned loyalty and expects that we respect our country as it is today instead of what we believe it can be in a better future," he states. He ends his talk with a powerful call for a commitment to global citizenship and the world community. To read his full argument, click here.

If you would like to listen to all of the TEDx presentations, click here.

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