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UPrep Together: Seeing the Future
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Read about how you can celebrate the ULab's impact on the future of UPrep by attending UPrep Together!

UPrep Together: Seeing the Future
Celebrate community and support the ULab Capital Campaign

In four weeks, our community will come together at our yearly celebration and fundraiser, UPrep Together. Funds raised at this year’s event—happening at Fremont Studios starting at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 16—will support the final phase of the ULab Capital Campaign. With the theme of “Seeing the Future!” we will celebrate the future of learning and how the ULab will make that possible. We talked with the Director of Development Liz Van Hoy to learn more about the opportunity to support the campaign at this year’s UPrep Together.

Why will donations from the 2024 UPrep Together celebration support the Capital Campaign?

The ULab Campaign is the financial priority for this year, as we work to close our fundraising gap and settle into life inside the building. This is a chance to honor the culmination of 10 years of vision and work and hundreds of people stepping up early to make the ULab a reality. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate the ULab’s impact on the future of UPrep.

In past years, this event has supported the Endowed Financial Aid Fund. Will supporting the ULab this year impact how much aid UPrep grants in coming years?

No, there will be no change to the amount of financial aid awarded in the coming years. UPrep is fortunate to be able to fund financial aid through many channels. The Endowed Financial Aid Fund is one of those channels, and we will continue reserving the interest it accrues annually for financial aid.  

With the ULab already built, why are we still raising funds for the ULab Capital Campaign?

Picture of UPrep's ULab Commons

The ULab was built thanks to a combination of reserves, bridge financing, and generous early donors. Like any major project, debt is part of the equation. We went ahead with the project anticipating our community would step up and help fund it. We are so grateful to everyone who has already contributed, but we haven’t quite reached our goal yet. The public phase of a campaign is when the community at large is invited to stretch in support of a significant project. The UPrep Together celebration will complete the public and final phase of this milestone campaign.

Why is donating to the ULab Capital Campaign at UPrep Together beneficial to our community?

This is an opportunity to share a sense of collective responsibility, which builds community. Together, supporting the ULab facilitates interdisciplinary and collaborative learning, and growth to our campus and student body, and deepens our Puma pride. Whether your student is in Upper School now or will be in the future, UPrep Together is a celebration of how the ULab amplifies the amazing things already happening at our school.

Is there anything else to know about this year’s event?

We hope the evening is as fun as it is inspirational! In addition to serving a full dinner, this year’s event has some surprises in store. We’ll also offer some hands-on activities that give guests an inside peek into ULab learning experiences. We do our best to accommodate seating requests, so we encourage you to get a group together, register by clicking below, consider dressing on theme, and enjoy a festive night out!

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