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Why We Give to the Puma Fund
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Here’s why one UPrep family prioritizes supporting the Puma Fund.

Why We Give to the Puma Fund
Parents of current UPrep students share why they donate every year to the Puma Fund

We are grateful for our UPrep families who support our Puma Fund, which allows our school to respond in real-time to the needs of our students, faculty, and staff. Thanks to the Puma Fund, students can join clubs on campus, participate in field trips throughout our region, and play in our no-cut sports program. In fact, 356 student-athletes joined a sports team this fall. The Puma Fund makes all these things possible. Here’s why one UPrep family prioritizes this important initiative.

Tell me about your family.

Jodi: We have two kids. Anya is in Middle School, and Emmett is in Upper School, and they’re very different kids. Our son wasn’t into studying when he started at UPrep in 6th grade. At first, he was all about sports; he loves athletics. But now he loves to learn. He’s invested in school, and he loves his teachers. Our daughter is in 8th grade and is very artistic and creative. She has some learning challenges, and she has the support she needs to succeed in school. She is highly involved in many different activities and clubs. 

Justin: UPrep meets our daughter where she’s at. And she loves all of the opportunities available to her. She dances and does Booth Crew—I think the official name is AV or Audiovisual Club. She’s also participated in Yoga Club, drama, and volleyball and is also the class representative for ASB and a student ambassador for the Admission Office.

Why do you give to the Puma Fund? 

Justin: We know our Puma Fund donation will be put to good use. We know that every time we drop off our kids at UPrep, they’re in such good hands. We are happy to support UPrep through the Puma Fund, knowing that these funds meet the needs of all students.

Jodi: I think the teachers are exceptional. I always tell people that if they are serious about academics for their children, then they need to look at this school.  UPrep takes academics seriously, and they know how to support each student.  

Justin: We see how our son has evolved into a self-motivated learner who is currently doing a Semester Away program. The faculty is outstanding, and we know the Puma Fund ensures that they have the tools necessary for their jobs. It’s been great to watch our son appreciate how his teachers push him to be the best student he can be. It’s magical to watch our kids understand the benefits of learning, whether that’s learning how to write well or applying to schools abroad.

Jodi: We contribute to the Puma Fund because we know it supports the co-curricular programs that make UPrep exceptional, like Global and Outdoor Education and all the clubs. Our son joined Mock Trial last year, and he wasn’t sure he’d like it, and now he’s excited to be part of it again this spring. We also know the Puma Fund supplements financial aid packages, and that our donation will help support the expansion of programs with the upcoming opening of the ULab. We are happy to support our UPrep community by donating to the Puma Fund.

We hope you will join us and make your gift or pledge to the Puma Fund today. Every gift is a gift of gratitude, and participation in the Puma Fund is an opportunity for every family to show their Puma pride. 

Make A Gift!

Headshot photograph of University Prep writer and editor, Nancy Alton

By Writer/Editor Nancy Schatz Alton


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