At University Prep, students are invited down a path of critical inquiry. Instead of just finding answers, our students learn to frame new sets of questions. They become comfortable examining ideas from varied perspectives and creatively solving problems through the lens of multiple disciplines. Students are expected to explore, engage, and contribute. When they move on from UPrep, they stand out as people who courageously embrace a rapidly changing world.

  • In 8th grade, students use a multidisciplinary approach to explore the United Nations Millennium Development goals. In teams, they research countries, issues, and NGOs attempting to devise creative solutions to complex global problems. They then present compelling arguments to garner funding for the NGO they think presents the most promise to solve their chosen problem.

  • In 10th grade, the Sophomore Thesis asks our students to take a deep dive and explore the impact of the Cold War and decolonization all around the world. In a paper that draws from primary and secondary sources, students research topics and craft an argument based on their findings.

  • In Upper School Civics, students participate in a Mock Congress, where they represent a party and develop a platform based on their constituencies’ needs. Students research and write bills, which they attempt to have passed through different committees. They engage in lively debate on the mock house floor, wrestling over contemporary issues.

As a college freshman, I was the only student in my introductory biology course who had not taken AP Biology in high school, and most had already used the college textbook. At the end of the semester, my professor told me that I was the most prepared student in the course and asked me where I went to high school!” UPrep alumna
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