University Prep remains committed to implementing the best current educational practices, and we are constantly evolving. We do that by building in structures and systems to support thoughtful innovation, and by using our most enduring asset, our teachers. They lead our Research+Design Teams to build our Next Generation Learning Initiative; attend and present at regional and national conferences to share best practices; and visit schools around the country to learn from peer colleagues and schools.

Always intentional, we support innovation through deliberate processes. Our Instructional Leadership Team, comprised of Department Chairs, and our Academic Council, made up of students, faculty, and staff, vet and approve new ideas and proposals. We also involve our parent community in committee work to give us their guidance and expertise, and take advantage of Seattle as a hub of innovative ideas. Finally, we reach out to colleges and universities to get advice on how our program can sync up with higher education so that our students continue to be prepared.

Everything we did was focused on opening a school that would offer an academic program built on the best educational practices and theories of the time.” Pat Landy, Founder