First Semester Intensive Ends with a Schoolwide Showcase

University Prep celebrated the end of its first Intensive term with a showcase of student work that took place across the campus on Thursday afternoon. In their classrooms, students showed off what they did during their intensive, and presented it with a focus on process as much as product. They also had the opportunity to visit other classrooms, where they could get an idea of what other intensives did during the term and share in the general excitement. Rube Goldberg machines, ceramics,films, science projects, handmade books,dance and music performances,paintings, graphic novels, and so much more made for an extraordinary display of learning and creativity.

The introduction of Intensives in both Middle and Upper School is one of the most ambitious academic initiatives in the school's history, and demanded an extraordinary amount of effort on the part of teachers who designed and led courses during the term, teaching a semester's worth of material over a two and half week period. Off campus experiences, interdisciplinary study, hands on work, and creative thinking were emphasized during the deep dive.