UPrep Students Attend Rainier Beach BLOC Party

Fifteen UPrep students sacrificed attending their own Music Day to attend Rainier Beach High School's Building Leaders of Change Party on March 23. This is the second year that UPrep has participated in Rainier Beach's equivalent of UPrep's Social Justice Day, and part of an effort to connect with the larger Seattle community. Our students, who are in grades 9-11, selected the community-led workshops they were interested in prior to going. These included: Brown Resistance; Taking Down the Rich White Male System; What Does Standing Rock Look Like ; Who Is an American?; Who Runs the World?The Youth Right.

Upon return, students reflected on their experience. Elizabeth G said, "I was expecting to get some new perspectives from students who identified differently than me. I am glad that we went to a pubic school event because I got to see what a public school campus and classes looked like. It was interesting because it made me thankful for some things at UPrep and jealous of some things at Rainier Beach." Joanna G. observed that, "The workshop presenters were really involved participants and instead of a class it was more of a discussion. Also the assembly had really moving speakers and awesome dances!" Layli E. commented that she saw parallels with UPrep's Social Justice Day, "Because even though we all come from different backgrounds, when we come together to discuss something, it is very effective."