UPrep's Director of Enrollment Management Presents at Conference

Kathy Mitchell O'Neal, UPrep Director of Enrollment Management, presented at the Annual Conference of the Enrollment Management Association in New Orleans today. The session was entitled, "But that's not my job! How admissions/enrollment directors can influence the creation of inclusive communities on school campuses for a growing diverse population." The talk was co-presented with Douglas Leek, Director of Admission and Enrollment Management at The Northwest School, and Eric Barber, Director of Enrollment Management at Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in California.

The session focused on the evolving role of admission/enrollment directors. While they used to focus exclusively on the admission of students with little regard to how they engaged once in the community, they are now responsible for the marketing, admission, retention, and community development of their institution. As schools strive to move from simply being models of diversity to institutions that are equitable and inclusive, admission/enrollment directors need to lead the charge as vocal and creative partners within their institutions, ensuring that students and families are welcome, engaged, and supported. The session was designed to provide useful and innovative information and resources to attendees on how they too can work towards transforming their institutions into inclusive communities.