U.S. History Classes Sponsor Veterans Day Assemblies

University Prep's U.S. History War and Peace classes organized and ran both the Middle and Upper School Veterans Day Assemblies today. The students' goals were to honor veterans and educate the community, which they did with great success.

The Upper School Assembly featured video interviews of two UPrep parents who are veterans, Chris Bown and Joseph Sniezek. They both spoke of their experiences during and after their time at war. Next came student presentations on the inequalities facing soldiers from American Samoa and about the two Iraq Wars. The assembly culminated in a panel of veterans, which included Diane McGhee (mother of Director of Diversity and Community Shavette McGhee), Damin Hopkins (UPrep History teacher), and Moana Trammel, who was originally from American Samoa. They talked about why they joined the military, what they experienced during their service and after they left, and then answered questions from students.

The Middle School Assembly also featured the veterans' panel, as well as 12 interactive exhibits that covered a wide variety of issues relating to war, soldiers and veterans, including the life of a soldier, PTSD, media misrepresentation, adjustment to civilian life, homelessness, forgotten wars, and Vietnam.