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My favorite part of my UPrep experience has been the community that has formed around me through my time here. I have been here since sixth grade and as a rising senior I have so much gratitude for the faculty, staff, and peer relationships that I have built." –Upper School student

UPrep's advisory program offers a school-oriented, one-on-one relationship between a staff or faculty member and each student for the purposes of communication, community-building and guidance. Advisors serve as advocates, representing each advisee’s interests in student-teacher, student-administrator, and student-student interactions. The advisor also serves as the primary link between the school and parents.

My advisor was always checking in on me and was so supportive; she made me feel like a good human every day." –UPrep alum
Two UPrep students smile widely as they embrace each other.


Middle School

Advisors follow their advisees through their time in Middle School, allowing for a consistent advocate for grades 6-8. Sixth grade advisories are assigned about one week after the conclusion of the fall overnight trip. The school waits to make permanent advisories until after the fall overnight so that the sixth grade advisors have the opportunity to best place students in a balanced group for their time in Middle School.

Upper School

Entering the Upper School at University Prep marks a transition for students who are continuing from UPrep’s middle school as well as students who are new to the University Prep community. Important goals for the first few weeks of 9th grade include setting norms for “how we do things” and creating opportunities to build connections and community within the grade. A number of structures are in place to support these goals.

Throughout the first three weeks of school, many community time blocks for the ninth grade are spent in advisory and class meetings. This strengthens advisory connections, provides a means to coach students on what behaviors are expected of them (both in and outside of class) as Upper School students, and allows for students to ask questions and get help navigating the opportunities and challenges which present themselves during the first few weeks as a high school student.