Global and Outdoor Education

My Global Link trip to Colombia was life-changing. It inspired me to make a conscious effort to travel in college through study abroad programs, fellowships, internships, teaching positions, and research with professors." Danait Yemane '13
The Global and Outdoor Education Office manages a variety of experiential learning opportunities, most notably our signature Global Link courses for Middle and Upper School students. We also coordinate UPrep’s Outdoor Adventure Experiences, including wilderness trips, outdoor leadership opportunities, and summer camp experiences. The office is also responsible for UPrep’s international exchange students, Semester Away programs, and visits by our partner schools from around the world. 
In keeping with the school’s mission, vision, and values, Global and Outdoor Education at University Prep emphasizes stepping out of one’s comfort zone to try and experience new things, fostering meaningful and supportive relationships, and engaging host communities and new environments with respect, responsibility, and integrity. Every program is designed to enrich and amplify the UPrep experience. Our aim is to meet the needs of every student on campus by ensuring all programs are inclusive, accessible, and equitable. 
Global Link and Outdoor Education courses earn academic credit, but winter break, spring break, and weekend programs do not earn academic credit. Students also earn academic credit for approved Semester Away programs.

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For more information about University Prep’s Global and Outdoor Education programs, contact:

Brian Gonzales, director of global and outdoor education

Kate Williams, global and outdoor education program manager

Global Link is UPrep’s signature global education program, supported by two full-time staff and run completely in-house.

Approximately 50% of each graduating class will go on a Global Link program before they graduate.