Global Programs

Global Link is our signature global education program. Through immersion-based travel, students learn to observe without judgment, confront values different from their own, and delight in the customs of a different place. Students build their capacity to develop relationships and cultivate and sustain meaningful global connections. Recent destinations have included Botswana, India, Lithuania, Nepal, Japan, Samoa (all Upper School), and New Mexico (Middle School).

Global Link is a three-part experience. Prior to departure, students participate in a variety of Global Leadership programs to prepare for their immersion in a new culture. They then spend one to two weeks in their host communities, making friends, sharing customs and culture, and making meaning of their experiences. Upon return, students engage in a series of presentations and performances that we call Bring It Back.

It’s really fun to wake up in a whole new place without my parents and with all these new friends.” Alana, eighth grade, GL: Santa Fe
Taste the world! Make new friends! Try everything!” Samia, eleventh grade, GL: India

Student Exchanges

Each year, two international students join us through exchange programs, fully participating in the life of the school and building relationships. Recent international students have come from Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, Moldova, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Tunisia.

We also regularly host short-term visitors. In previous years, visitors from Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Botswana, India, Japan, and Korea have visited our campus, observed classes, and presented their cultures at assembly meetings. Being a UPrep student means learning to understand one’s place in the global community.

University Prep families have the opportunity to host both short-term and long-term visitors from other countries. Hosts learn about another culture and share one’s own while building lasting international friendships. Explore these opportunities.

Semester Away

Each year, a select number of committed Upper School students matriculate into specialized, semester programs in other cities or countries. These intensive experiences require students to dig deep, think differently, collaborate with others, and apply their knowledge to the real world. Recent semester away experiences have included the School for Ethics and Global Leadership (Washington, D.C.), the Oxbow School (Napa, CA), Alexander Muss High School (Israel), and the High Mountain Institute (Leadville, CO). These students return to UPrep with a deeper sense of their place in the world and their ability to change it. Here are some additional resources and links for students thinking about traveling.

For Representatives from Off-Campus Educational Programs

If you represent a semester away program and are interested in sharing information about your program with high school students at University Prep, please complete this informational form. If you offer a summer program, a summer work opportunity, or a gap year program, please use the same link to provide us with information about the opportunity. We will host an off-campus opportunities event on Friday, January 27, 2017 to highlight the programs available to students, and filling out the aforementioned form is the first step to participating in that fair. We will be in touch after receiving your form with additional information and any follow-up questions. University Prep collaborates with semester away programs with some of the following characteristics:

  • Philosophy congruent with University Prep’s mission and values
  • Coursework and calendar compatible with University Prep’s course of study
  • Commitment to and availability of financial aid
  • Inclusive enrollment, welcoming students of all races, creeds, gender identities, sexualities, political orientations, and national origins
  • Ability to demonstrate successful reintegration for students returning to their sending school