Student Clubs

Among the many clubs offered in the Middle School are Karaoke club, film club, knitting, chess and break dancing. Some clubs are organized by faculty members such as Politics Club led by our geography teacher and Multicultural Student Alliance (MSA) run by our Diversity and Community Office. These clubs often meet all year and draw regular members who are committed to the club’s topic. Many other clubs are suggested and run by students with a faculty advisor. These clubs cover a wide range of topics, from Tennis Shoe Club, to Instagram Crafts Club, to Harry Potter Club.

Usually about twenty-five clubs are offered at any one time and most are student-run. They may not last all year (most run a few weeks or so), but they are opportunities for students to declare a passion, find others who share that passion, and enjoy the activity together until a new interest comes along. There are no sign-ups for clubs – anyone can join at any time – and all clubs happen during Community Time so everyone can attend. Below is a list of recent club offerings.

Girls in Science

Dance Club


Debate Club


Skate Club

Book Club

French Club

Creative Writing




Photo Club

Singing Club

Green Team

Movie Club

In Upper School, clubs reflect a wide range of interests, from social justice to pop culture, hiking to international relations, public speaking to 3D printing. Clubs are entirely student run, and student leaders work with a faculty advisor to plan club meetings (usually held during Community Time) and activities. New clubs can be proposed by a student at any time, but some long-standing clubs include Mock Trial, the Multicultural Student Alliance, the Creative Arts Society, Opera Club, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Tailgate Club, National Honor Society, Students of Service, Women in Science, and Umbrella, the affinity group for students of color.

One of the reasons I like UPrep is because there are so many clubs to go to.” Sixth grade student