Student Clubs

UPrep has taught me so much about who I am as a person. When I questioned my identity back in Middle School, I was never once worried. Instead, I was curious, and UPrep provided the spaces to feed that curiosity. Now, I am a co-leader of the Queer Student Union and extremely open about my identity, something that I could only have done with the support from my teachers and friends.” –Current Upper School student

At UPrep, with over 20 clubs offered at any given time, there are limitless opportunities for students to explore their passions outside the classroom and connect with others who share them.

Middle School

Among the many clubs offered in the Middle School are Dance, Board Games, Sports, and Robotics Clubs. Some are organized by faculty members, such as the Politics Club (led by our history teacher) and Youth Against Racial Discrimination or "YARD" (run by our Diversity and Community Office). Other clubs are suggested and run by students with guidance from faculty advisors, covering a wide range of topics from Clay Building and Ping Pong to Dungeons and Dragons.

Upper School

In Upper School, clubs reflect a wide range of interests, from social justice to pop culture, hiking to international relations, public speaking to 3D printing. Clubs are entirely student-run, and student leaders work with a faculty advisor to plan club meetings (usually held during Community Time) and activities.

New clubs can be proposed by a student at any time, but some longstanding clubs include Mock Trial, the Creative Arts Society, Opera Club, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Tailgate Club, National Honor Society, Students of Service, Women in Science, and Umbrella (the affinity group for students of color).