Student Leadership

Middle School student leadership is about exploration. Each year, a new slate of elected officers is chosen by the students and the faculty and, over the course of their tenure, they learn about the components of leadership by grappling with real issues. The school administration works intentionally with the Student Council both to hear concerns that come up from the students, and to ask their assistance in trouble-shooting issues that are of interest to parents and teachers, as well as students.

In Middle School, our elected officers are role models for all of the students. They are front and center each week at assembly and it’s inspiring to see their grace and comfort with their jobs grow over the year.” Eighth grade advisor

Here is an example of issues the Student Council has tackled:

Student Dress Code – the council members advocated for changes based on the feedback they collected from the larger student body. Changes were recommended to the administration and amendments were made to the policy.

Student leadership is not about a title. It’s about growing into a leader who can be both loud and soft, forceful and collaborative, and ready for the challenges of Upper School. Working closely with the Assistant Director of Middle School, these students learn what living our Mission, Vision and Values truly means.

Once students are in Upper School, leadership takes many forms. Our faculty encourage each student to find a way to use their voice to guide their peers. Students may be Community Conversations facilitators, lead a club, give a TEDx talk, or participate in the Community Ethics and Culture Council, Academic Council, or the Associated Student Body. The UPrep summer leadership institute can help them focus on the area they wish to contribute to, be it student life, academics, athletics, or the arts.