Spring Fling Tickets

U Prep Spring Fling Event Information:

The dance will be held on Friday, March 3 at Within Sodo, 2916 Utah Ave S. The theme is American!! Street parking is available.

Spring Fling will begin at 8pm and conclude at 11 pm. Students must arrive by 8:30, and may leave at any time. Students will not be re-admitted to the dance after leaving the premises for any reason.

Guests who are not University Prep students must complete a U Prep Social Event Guest form and submit it to Sarah Peterson no later than Thursday, March 2. All U Prep Community Expectations (details in the Parent-Student handbook) apply to both U Prep students and off-campus guests while at the dance, including but not limited to those related to the dress code and use of alcohol and drugs.

See you at the dance!
U Prep ASB