Why I Give

University Prep is known for its diverse and close-knit community that works together to make exceptional things happen for our students and faculty. When you give, you enable students with modest means to attend our school, bringing diverse perspectives and a richer intellectual dialogue to our community. Having additional resources allows faculty and staff to enhance the educational program for every student by offering a variety of experiences that include overnight class trips, participation in nationwide conferences and competitions, and the opportunity to bring outside leaders and artists to our campus. Thank you for your support!

Leah Griffin
UPrep Librarian

I give because our ideals depend on the sincerity of our actions. It is easy to say that we want every student to be able to fully participate in our programs. It is easy to say that travel, museums, opera, debate, and sports should be accessible to every student in our community. It is easy to say that educational equity is a priority. Giving proves that we mean it. I am proud to be part of a faculty that has reached 100% participation in the Puma Fund and whose actions show that we value every student."

Bruce Carbary
Parent of Taylor '12

As a parent, and former president of the Parent Council, I have seen the impact that UPrep has had on our child – particularly in preparation for college. The Puma Fund allows students to achieve excellence thanks to a more personalized curriculum and inclusive environment. The faculty truly take an interest in every student. I give so that future students can have this valuable education as well."

Mandira Virmani
Parent of Malvika '19 and Siona '22

We love the fact that UPrep offers so many wonderful and diverse opportunities to grow and thrive. My older daughter is able to pursue her passion in Economics via the elective class offerings, participate in conferences for Model UN club, while my younger daughter is competing in cross country for the first time. All of this is made possible thanks to the Puma Fund!"