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Teaching at UPrep

My teachers are unfailingly supportive, encouraging me to pursue my own path while pushing me gently to go deeper into the subject matter.” UPrep student

Our faculty members exhibit passion for working with students, possess deep expertise in their disciplines, work collaboratively with each other, and constantly strive to improve their own teaching practices to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. We hire, mentor, and develop faculty members to further develop these traits.

Each teacher has one or more teaching partners, with whom they co-create course curricula, lesson plans, and assessments. They also regularly attend education conferences and substantially revise courses over the summer. Teachers sit together in department offices, so that they may exchange ideas and plan together.

Promising teacher leaders at UPrep apply to become department heads, who then meet regularly with division directors and the academic dean to coordinate and direct the school’s instructional program. Our academic team includes the head of school, division directors, and the academic dean.

At University Prep, we constantly talk about teaching and learning, bridging research and practice for the sake of student success. The end goal always stays front and center: developing each student’s potential to become an intellectually courageous, socially responsible citizen of the world.

Characteristics of Good Teaching at UPrep

Individualized Teaching Improvement Plan (ITIP) at University Prep

All University Prep teachers participate in ITIP, the Individualized Teaching Improvement Plan. Teachers set professional learning goals, receive feedback on their teaching, design a personal growth plan, make changes to their teaching, and share the results with their peers. University Prep has received national recognition for linking professional growth, evaluation, and compensation in this innovative program.