Community Programs

University Prep believes in the importance of building connections with other schools (both independent and public), community-based organizations, colleges and universities. The equity and inclusion programs listed below are for students, faculty and staff, parents, trustees, and invited guests from the greater Seattle area.

Social Justice Day

In March, we suspend classes for a day to learn about different social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion issues. We invite speakers like Ijeoma Olou, Sharon Chang, Danni Askini, Jon Greenburg, Ray Corona, and Draze to share their wisdom. Community members attend affinity groups and choose workshops or tracks to attend like Where’s the Good Food? Exploring Food Justice; Living and Leading with Learning Differences; Race, Gender, and More in Comics; Conservative and Centrist Vision on Social Justice; Native Environmental Justice; Leadership over the Rainbow: Causes, Coalitions, and Challenges in the LGBTQ+ Leadership; and more. It is a day to explore and critically think about social and global issues.

Culture Night

Every other school year we hold a night to learn and celebrate the cultures that represent our school community. We invite our families, faculty and staff, and students to think about how they would like to share about their culture through performances, teaching and learning table, talks, demonstrations, and more.

Latinx Family Bridge

Latinx Family Bridge is a program that brings together our Latinx families to help them understand the programs and structure of the school. We have an annual gathering to introduce new families to returning families, invite alumni to help students transition and understand the culture of an independent school, and provide opportunities for families to integrate into the school. Our leaders provide interpretation services for families as needed. This programs helps Latinx families feel a part of our community at University Prep and was presented at the People of Color Conference in 2015. To learn a bit more about Latinx Family Bridge, please click here to view the slides and videos from the presentation.


Our diversity and community student organizations and affinity groups are active in creating spaces for students from other schools to participate. At the socials, students network and learn about how they move through our society in their identities, including the joy and struggles, and discuss how to use those joys and struggles to improve our society. This school year, we will be holding the following multi-school socials:

  • LBGTQ+ Multi-School Social
  • API Multi-School Social
  • BSU Multi-School Social