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Our leadership starts with our Board of Trustees.

A remarkably talented and dedicated group of individuals, the University Prep Board of Trustees provides careful stewardship and governance in partnership with our Head of School.

Made up of Founders, alumni, current and past parents, faculty, and community leaders, our Board is charged with ensuring and promoting the successful fulfillment of our mission, overseeing and evaluating the Head of School, developing policy, acting as fiduciaries of the school’s financial and capital resources, and setting the strategic direction of University Prep.

We adopt an inclusive, collaborative approach to leadership through a strong committee structure that involves key constituents and stakeholders in strategic planning and initiatives. The standing committees are: Advancement, Diversity and Community, Executive, Facilities, Finance and Audit, Human Resources, and Trusteeship and Governance.

2019-2020 Board of Trustees

Cheryl Scott, President
Laura Domoto, Vice President
Mark Britton, Treasurer, chair, Finance & Audit Committee
Charisse Cowan-Pitre, Secretary

Ric Anderson
Alma Andrade
Andrea Barry-Smith
Adrian Biesecker, chair, Building Committee
Helen Bowen Blair, chair, Advancement Committee
Geoff Buscher, chair, Trusteeship & Governance Committee
Devindra Chainani
Rita Egrari
Jason Froggatt, chair, Human Resources Committee
Terry Froggatt, Founder
Michelle Goldberg, chair, Investment sub-committee
Jeanette James
Van Katzman
Patricia Landy, Founder
Suzanne McGill
Yazmin Mehdi
Tori Ragen
Timothy Richey, co-chair, Diversity & Community
Barbara Sniezek, Parent Council Co-President
Andrea Thoreson
Mandira Virmani, co-chair, Next Generation Learning Leadership Advisory Board
Kobi Yamada
Jennifer Zell, Parent Council Co-President

Lila Lohr, Interim Head of School, ex officio