Mission, Vision, Values

University Prep’s Mission, Vision, and Values are at the heart of everything we do as a school. They are not empty words—our students can recite them, and our alumni still remember them. We live by them on a daily basis and as we plan our future.


University Prep is committed to developing each student’s potential to become an intellectually courageous, socially responsible citizen of the world.


University Prep shall be an inclusive community of learners that provides an outstanding education for each individual in a diverse student population.


University Prep believes that integrity, respect, and responsibility are essential to accomplish its mission and to sustain its vision.


University Prep's mission compels us to train and educate the next generation of leaders who will create impact and change in an interdependent, complex, and global community. Our students need to see, hear, and understand the diversity of people, perspectives and points of view around them and the world they will lead in the years ahead. Essential to this proposition is the ability of our students to identify, analyze, and act on issues of equity, justice, and inclusion. Our world demands it.