Parent/Family Community

UPrep is a remarkable community to be a part of. Not only do the students build friendships that continue after graduation, parents do as well.“ Ann E., UPrep alumni parent

University Prep partners with families to create lasting relationships that provide the foundation for our inclusive community. Parents and guardians are invited to participate in our co-curricular activities, support our arts and sports programs, serve as ambassadors for the school, bake for events, and volunteer in whatever way is possible for them.

The purpose of University Prep’s Parent Guardian Association (PGA) is to support the mission, vision and values of the school while building community, promoting engagement, and facilitating communication with and among families.

The UPrep PGA provides a vital communication link between families and the school and acts as the steering committee for our students’ parents and guardians. It also plans and hosts many activities throughout the year that foster close ties and relationships among all members of the community.