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Parking at Our Campus

Because of construction on the ULab, there has been an increase in the size and number of vehicles that are traveling through the neighborhood around UPrep. In order to decrease the impact of construction-related traffic on our neighbors, UPrep implemented Be a Good Neighbor traffic and parking protocols in spring 2022. We are asking each member of our community—students, faculty, staff, and families—to continue to abide by these protocols this year.

First page of the PDF file: UPrep_parking_map_2023

  • Please use an arterial to approach the UPrep campus, instead of driving through the neighborhood on NE 77th, 80th, and 82nd Streets or 24th Avenue NE

  • Please only approach the campus from either North or South on 25th Avenue NE

  • When leaving campus, do not continue on NE 80th across 25th Avenue NE, but instead turn right or left on 25th. The construction site at NE 80th Street will be a high congestion area that should remain free of school traffic.


Please abide by all parking laws. Specifically, remember that driveways need five feet of clearance. In addition, please follow this parking guidance:

  • Please do not park on 24th Avenue NE, between NE 80th Street and NE 77th Street, or on NE 80th Street, between 24th Avenue NE and 25th Avenue NE, due to construction site congestion

  • Please do not park in the Dahl Playfield parking lot on 25th Avenue NE

  • For Juniors and seniors, parking continues to be available on campus in the lot between Temple Beth Am and UPrep

  • Street parking is available north and south on both sides of 25th Avenue NE, on NE 82nd Street, Ravenna Avenue NE, and NE 77th Street, and also on the streets to the east of campus

  • Faculty and staff can continue to park in the lot behind the school