Strategic Plan

University Prep’s Strategic Plan 2020 is the culmination of over a year of work by trustees, faculty, administration, staff, and parents at UPrep. It sustains our core culture and values while further enhancing our strengths to transform the student learning experience over the next five years.

The pillars of our strategic vision are:

Our Faculty – Promote Teacher Excellence in Support of Students


• Strengthen and expand opportunities for collaboration to facilitate innovation
• Develop pathways for teacher leadership
• Redefine the role of a teacher in the 21st century to invite more personalized teaching
• Attract and retain a diverse faculty to serve a diverse student body, providing deeper information exchange, better problem-solving, and closer community connections
• Shape and share our nationally recognized Individualized Teacher Improvement Plan in support of long-term institutional excellence

Our Facility – Optimize Place and Space to Enhance Learning and Our Community


• Actively pursue the acquisition of proximate facilities
• Optimize our existing spaces for increased flexibility and creativity
• Continue to promote technology innovation, increasing student agency and collaboration
• Utilize Seattle as our learning laboratory to promote student agency through service

Our Future – Evolve Next Generation Learning to Prepare Students for a Changing World


• Further implement a blend of face-to-face and online learning to personalize the educational experience
• Extend and deepen instruction in computer science and computational thinking
• Develop and implement a social and emotional learning program so students realize their full potential as socially responsible citizens of the world
• Design more interdisciplinary learning opportunities to provide research, advocacy, and entrepreneurship opportunities