I still keep in touch with three of my UPrep teachers and look forward to seeing them during alumni events every year. They really did set me on my course in college and beyond.” Joe Irwin '04


University Prep is a school community with a remarkable history and story. Our seven enterprising founders envisioned a school where intellectual courage, social responsibility and global citizenship would reside front and center to help each student reach their potential. The ethos of our community has remained constant over time, while our program continues to evolve in line with contemporary educational research and best practices. You will never hear the phrase, “we’ve always done it this way.” Instead, you will enter a community that asks “what if” and “how might we.”

Include, invent, and inspire are our core principles for how we approach teaching and learning. A community-wide strategic planning process begun in 2016yielded a bold, ambitious and nationally recognized strategic plan with the aim of transforming the learning experience for our students. Over the last four years, here are several ways we have grown and developed our program:

  • We reimagined our daily schedule to enable deeper inquiry and dial up student engagement. We offer an outstanding academic program through our semester model with a recognizable school structure; however, we have afforded students and teachers the opportunity to go into greater depth through 70-minute class periods.
  • We have expanded our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through the recently published diversity strategic plan to build and strengthen UPrep’s longstanding dedication to academic excellence and intentional community.
  • We have introduced greater choice through widely expanded elective offerings in core academic courses, such as Upper School English electives, and thematic choices within our required U.S. history sequence.
  • We are one of three independent schools in the country to introduce intensives, which create space for immersion experiences focused on interdisciplinary, experiential, and place-based learning. These experiences empower students to take ownership of their learning as they prepare to move onto college and beyond.
  • We have doubled the size of the Global Link program through our schedule redesign and now more students will have the chance to experience domestic and global cultural immersion on their road to becoming global citizens.
  • We are one of only two schools in Seattle to offer online classes through Global Online Academy, giving students the opportunity to engage with students across the world, select contemporary, cross disciplinary courses, and explore asynchronous learning.
  • We have introduced our signature LaunchPad program, the UPrep senior project, to inspire students to pursue their passions through a two-week off campus experience.
  • We have expanded independent study opportunities and introduced student-led classes to strengthen student ownership of the learning experience.
  • We are the only school in the state of Washington to be accepted into Harvard University’s Making Caring Common Project due to our extraordinary implementation of social and emotional learning within our curriculum and during daily community time.

We hope you will spend time exploring our website and learning more about University Prep. You will not be disappointed. If anything, you will grow more inspired by a school with a solid purpose, but one that never stands still.

We look forward to getting to know you.

Matt Levinson
Head of School

You can read Matt's Edutopia blog where he writes about schools, technology, parenting and the future of education.