I still keep in touch with three of my UPrep teachers and look forward to seeing them during alumni events every year. They really did set me on my course in college and beyond.” Joe Irwin '04

Joe’s words resonate across our alumni when they reflect back on their time at University Prep. Our students are prepared when they leave us, capable and comfortable to navigate and lead a class discussion in a college English class, approach a professor to ask for clarification or extra help, tackle significant, sophisticated, and complex academic pursuits and challenges, and live and work among a diverse student body.

This is not by accident; instead, it is by design and is consistent with the core values established by our Founders forty years ago. Academic preparation is central to who we are, along with developing and sustaining extraordinary relationships between students and teachers in an intentionally diverse and inclusive community.

Here’s a snapshot:

  • As part of a civics and statistics project, a student seeks to slow drivers down in his neighborhood through data and advocacy.
  • A student starts a new class on social entrepreneurship in partnership with our Director of Global Programs.
  • A student brings his passion for film-making into the design of instructional videos for his physics class.
  • Several students direct and perform a production of The Fantasticks.
  • A student shares a video game she coded and designed to play with her advisory.
  • Several Upper School students lead Bring It Back activities and conversations with Middle School students after participating in the National Association of Independent Schools Student Diversity Leadership Conference.

Do you notice a pattern? We put students in the driver’s seat of their learning to navigate and steer the opportunity to explore in partnership with our extraordinary faculty. To quote Director of College Counseling Kelly Herrington, we sit in the front seat, next to the student.

We invite you along for the ride. Experience the UPrep difference.

Matt Levinson
Head of School

You can read Matt's Edutopia blog where he writes about schools, technology, parenting and the future of education.